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Philosopher (San Fermin)

When I grow up, I think that I can be an actress I'll let the camera find the truth In these little eyes And I could feel what it was like to be electric And let the people hear me scream and shout With this little mouth And if I let all my demons out Oh, you would love it And I would let the makeup run onto my face I'm a philosopher I try to put it all behind me I gotta try to keep it down I'm a philosopher No, I'll never let it [?] me I'm a philosopher Gotta control it somehow And when they're finished with me, I could be your lover And you could try to find the blush of youth In these cheeks Try to forget what it was like to be electric And to win all the boys at home With these hands I'm a philosopher With these hands I'm a philosopher With this heart I'm a philosopher I'm wise I'm a philosopher Let me out Get all excited now But you know when this is over I'll be looking for a way to let it go Yeah, get all excited now But it's only for a moment And you can't have what you can't hold I'm a philosopher I'm a philosopher