In An Empty Room (Frameshift)

[Rape I - The Victim] Here you sit innocent, your beautiful face Everything all at once taken away Even though not everything can be replaced Yesterday's gone and you still have today I can see you Hiding behind broken eyes It'll be fine please don't cry You will be OK with me I can see you, living inside scared and blind I am right here please don't hide Close your eyes my child To rid your mind of all the hurt And turn gray skies blue I'd wash away the memory And make your heart new No comfort in these clumsy words No solace no truth Just to exchange one life for pain And I'd give mine for you Oh how time went by - you and I Used to live that life - that made us smile I know right now that you don't want me here Soon the stain will fade - I'll wipe away your tears 'Cause without you in my life It just does not seem right I'll wait right by your side 'til you come home I can see my presence Is dragging us apart It's hard to be so closed off From you in my heart Flesh and blood Can heal and hurt Time will take away the pain I'll back away Give you space Until you feel no shame