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Hold My Finger (Sikth)

Fly, what you never know I will not bring you down I swear Don't wanna fuck right now I'm chillin' with ya Can we not just lie here and make love spiritually All alone, with you Your eyes I'm looking through When I wake up I promise I'll be With you girl Then I'll give you all of my attention Damn right then I'll have my morning erection I'll give you some loving Sometimes I like to do whatever you're into Feeling this perfect moment I'm so gone now that I can't feel life I'm so ashamed of myself to do this to ya It's all I'm good for now chick please forgive me And it ain't no joke, My stoner loving finger hold Goodbye to the negative vibes Can we not chill go to sleep with my arms around you But then you scream and you're right I should be there for you So now I try, check my pulse to make sure I'm alive Sorry chick I can't get in That mood now Listen chick I can hardly function My mind says chill don't need this affection Sorry but I don't want to As I walk I think too hard Cannot grip Just what went wrong So I light up And I'll float away again Start to lose this trap she kept in As I fly Try to get out all of these negative vibes As I float by I'm so bored What is my destiny am I somewhere that I shouldn't be I feel alone But when I'm with you it's alright But when I'm without you I can't And I feel so Feel close to you You won't ever fly But you want puppy loving and 5 orgasms 'til the night is through But it won't happen Cos I don't like this way Am I not as you imagined me What you get is what you see Ok, it's up now we fuck I'll go put on a jonny Open the pack then it's back flopping before me Mind starts to hurt, you scream And talk to me like dirt I wish I could know exactly What I mean I'm so fucked right now I'd not last anyway You'd think I suck and never see me again Just chill out, chick, chill out see what I see