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Breathless (Salt The Wound)

You leave me breathless you've taken my sight from me. You leave me begging down on my knees. I've only witnessed what I thought an angel could be. Please come closer its the only way I see. How have I never seen a beauty like you before. This dream is fake it can't be real. I've had before and knew your feel. But this is more than I can bear. You make me weak it makes me scared. Give me your hand I need your touch. Just know its not too much. All I can ask all I can do. Is to have this night with you. You left me speechless. With your poise and grace. You were the one. My mind shuts down I leave this place. I see you where I want to be. We both are here there's no one else. How long I'm gone I just can't tell. My eyes open I'm back to life. And you are gone flicker of light. These are not dreams if I'm tortured. I'd sleep for days in your arms. You left me speechless. With your poise and grace. You were the one I knew it. And from that moment I had embraced. The fact that no girl. Could make me feel the same. I will always remember. Our time that night. This blue sky has me wishing for the night. This night sky has me wishing for the light. This breathless whisper has me tied. Down to an illusion that you could be mine.