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Chainsaw Killer (Chainsaw)

Some say Jasper's father was really mean He wouldn't sleep a wink all night if he forgot to make his wife cry somehow The man's brain was eaten away by drink Some say Jasper's mother went bonkers For they would find no other answer To the mocking question whether It was sane of her not to leave or die Jasper may have gone through the hell In his buried infant days But it may well be. It seems to me No one quite knows why He went down the murky road Of a chainsaw , of a chainsaw killer Some say Jasper's grand-dad had an axe The best lumber-jack in the hamlet Could handle an ancient oak alone And then leave his money to the whores Today chainsaws scathe the forest green Flooded by platoons of hearty lads Raving motors scare the wolves away Jasper roams alone in woods and broods Jasper may have (2x) Jasper thinks the trees should grow in peace He fondles the birch-bark with affection No one listened to him until the day When a state-owned chainsaw disappeared Some say Jasper could not use a chainsaw Some say: "he couldn't tell chalk from cheese" But our Jasper is gone so are his wits Cavorting newshounds are swarming in his hut Jasper may have (2x)