Hammer Slammer (Gama Bomb)

The city is stunned, a madman is loose He's brandishing a mallet for malleting heads Victims are mounting in alleys and lanes Where are the police now this madman is loose? Hammer! Hammer! Hammering at will Slammer! Slammer! Slamming for thrills Hammer! Horror! That is my game Hammer! Slammer! That's my name Striking by night in the canyons of town Attacked in the back, he brings the sledge down Being mashed up by a bloodthirsty clown A mentally mad killer of murderous renown I drive victims into the ground like nails into a bit of wood Every day I'm on the news but none of them has understood I watch TV, what do I see? A useless world that's full of shit I like my job, I'm good with tools I'll fix society bit by bit The city is stunned, a hammer is slammed Swinging from a string from a blood-soaked hand Victims at random, smacked for thrill Madness without pattern that's continuing still