In The Court Of General Zod (Gama Bomb)

Trapped in a mirror, freed by a bomb To rule over Earth with sadistic aplomb Moon villainess rules by his side A brute force of evil serves in mute pride With lofty ideas, dictator from space Using his lasers, the past he'll erase Taken by force, a world that's not theirs You'll kneel before them and one day your heirs Done in the name of a cruel new god One way to worship; to kneel Concentrated lasers very spooky in his eyes An alien salute that blows a chopper from the skies Storming on the White House, his beard for all to see He laughs at their defences as he puts them on their knees He feeds on the sunlight stealing its power Gloating his madness in our darkest hour Why do you say these things, when you know I will kill you for it? Cruel cold intelligence beyond what humans know Seeking out a power source among the northern snow Condemned by the council but ruling once again Aloof to our suffering in the reign of supermen Insidious treason, a fascistic plot Get on your knees, the one hope we've got