Legend Of Speed (Gama Bomb)

Lightning quick like a kick in the dick Like a bolt right out of the blue The G-force pounds with the throttle down At the turning of the screw Accelerating, limit breaking Propelled by sonic boom Burn out- send the signal from mission control Vanishing point- hit the desk 'cause the bird as flown Ignition- Let the tape run on 'Cause the worst is yet to come Get high! Get high! Get unbelievably high! Terrific speed, the atom seed Taken to the sky Outpacing, racing like a cheetah fleeting, streaking into the black Daring, soaring, blazing a trail, they say he'll never be back Nitro- push the needle into the red Thrusters- you're hanging on by a thread Light speed- tell all the folks back home, Son you're on your own Techno fallschirmjäger soaring faster than a shark with a gun Spearing through the firmament- but something's wrong Neutron- don't cross the streams Detonate- the whole world can hear the screams Impact in three, two, one That son of a bitch was a legend of speed