Matrioshka Brain (Gama Bomb)

Am I a projection? Am I just a brain in a jar? Like a cat in a box, neither dead or alive, Can anybody say who we are? The world that you see, it is not really real The minute that you let down your guard A meteorite comes from outer space The harbinger of a stellar scream, Blazing a trail through the ancient skies, Nostradamus- the fever dream I feel like I'm floating in space You, me, the entire human race They've got the power to shut the sky Everything can be undone My apocalyptic dread is intensified Burning as bright as the sun Is this simulation of the universe More complex than we could conceive Cryptic symbols spell Atlantean code Computing at incredible speed Light in the sky- Look for the sign They vowed to return- For you and I A system error- The Dyatlov Pass The coming terror- the Men in Lead Masks! Nostradami, drawing near So many predictions, Run in fear Gaining the power to punch a hole Right through this reality's heart Who can say who made us this way Will they reset the system to start? A visitation- the edge of space A computation- lost without a trace Our civilization- just guinea pigs Something is out there- something big! Nostradami, drawing near So many predictions, Run in fear