Sentenced To Thrash (Gama Bomb)

Thrashing around, banging your head Wrecking your room, there's sick on the bed So stick on destruction, crack open a beer Your deafened-up neighbours are lining up to sue you Down at the clink it's a hard life Breaking your back to mortal way of live Smashing up the rocks 'till darkness descends Parole in ten years then the trashing will end I'm shackled to these bullet belts for all eternity The warden laughs in his gasmask as I scream in search of sanity Guilty as fuck, it's sentencing day Sent to the slammer, attacked by the gays Sticked up like a kipper, goodbye to my wife I'm going down for a hundreds times life I'm peeling potatoes but I'm carving a key A life washing dishes, that's insanity The warden is a bastard, my cell's a shoebox I hope my dinghy won't get dashed on the rocks