Three Witches (Gama Bomb)

A sailor's map in an occult store, In a place where no shop ever stood before Making plain that near the old town square Abandoned ruins still standing there Scale the wall, smash the lock, tear the ivy back Break the seal, climb the stairs, find them crouching, dressed in black They'll take all commands, so make your demands Approach with care, speak if you dare... They're blind but they know, so to them we go So come with me, see witches three The world is yours, we guarantee You'll share in immortality Give your eyes so we might see Sacrifice for sisters three Slit your palm and grease the mirror, roll the chicken bones In the crucible they forge your fortune, take instruction from the ancient crones Like a husband who doesn't wear a ring Like a thief left alone with a shiny thing You'll never come to account, paying just one price They'll grant it all when you scoop out your eyes Your wishes came true, but what did you do? Two eyes among three, they command witchery Lust was your all, but now you've no balls Eyeballs that is, oh gee what a swizz