Time Crime (Gama Bomb)

Napoleon Blownapart, 1610 - Martin Luther, they did it again World War Two, 1945 - tourists from the future, they did not survive Panzers at Hastings, 1066 - we fought with lasers, they fought with sticks Nuking the Romans in 238, Enslaving the Cavemen in times before date Strange confusion in space and time Today, tomorrow, they blur the lines Yesterday could be tomorrow's today But yesterday could be tomorrow too A knight with an Uzi, that makes no sense With mammoths and Mongols there is no defence Hitler meets Caesar, Stalin and Nero They're building a robot, so don't be a hero Tyrannosaurus rampage in London town Jack The Ripper wears the Russian crown Stonehenge ruined in a hail of rockets Shakespeare's eyes - pulled from the sockets