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The Exorcist (Possessed)

Possessed by evil hell Satan's wrath will kill He will take your soul Cast you to hell Demons dog domain Keeping me insane Evil curse my soul Burning away Satan's hell will burn Terrored cries are heard Everlasting eternity Warriors of hell Unleashed men of sin Hatred hell within Sinners hate will die The Exorcist I can see the light I don't want to burn Help me save my soul Let me live Your curse is not my fear Demons within me hear I will escape your wrath 666 This is not my way, Doom, sorrow for eternity Lights shine below in hell Forever burning Words of insanity Scream out the final plea Evil voices scream out Help me! Demons in my body gone Sicken thoughts left beyond Haunted by evil memories Nightmares and sin My mind is burnt and black Shadowed, no way back Fear of living in hell Axed my mind Memories held within Satan's gone in sin Grasping to relieve the pain Scarred for life Exorcism takes control Beneath my body help my soul Save my soul from evil hell Your spell is lost