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The Ones Who Breathe the Flame (Seven Kingdoms)

For our king, for our pride To this battle we will ride Let us charge with Our swords in the sky Aim for their heads Make sure their hills are red By our blades on this Cold winters night Seven days of freezing cold Sleet, wind, and snow Deep throughout the forest Through the darkness we rode The light of the moon will guide our path The stars show us the way We are warmed by the fire inside The wants them to taste our blades. Iolas defend This sacred ground of fire (By magic and steel we will take Drakken Hill) Guide your men tonight You'll need this alliance in the coming night They surround Drakken Hill this night (Prepare attack before the rising light) Kings of past have given you the wings (Now we charge for the rightful king) Avenge the land on which I have bled (Slaughter all make sure these hills are red) Use magic of hero's past to gain Trust the ones who breathe the flame Gather round the fire my men The battle is near at hand Today is the day we will Take the sacred land Betrayers ways now have torn The oath of the flame Ready your bows, axes, and swords At dawn we make it rain Iolas defend... They surround Drakken Hill this night...