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The Machinist (Have Heart)

i see the free which you enslave, the walking you keep chained i see the growth which keep caged and i've seen the minds that go un-raged i see the body robbed of soul to be the fuel for your control i see the standing knocked to their knees, and i've seen the human beings you treat like machines MACHINIST i am not, i am not, i am not a machine i am, i am, i am a human being what the fuck a stagnant life's a victory for the lover of life that never breeds perpetuate and obliterate those addicted to living on their knees the dealers deplete you, yeah dealers beat you like you're drum without a tone YOU'RE JUST SKIN AND BONES until you say NO MORE, NO MORE unlike the silent machines who won't settle THE SCORE, THE SCORE unlike the lifeless objects they want you to be you want your object, well you fucking got it... i could be the knife in your backs, the noose wrapped around your necks the bullet racing through your skulls but i'd rather use the force of my spoken word Let our voices form the weapons Our Voices no silence, no compliance, in defiance of the rape of growth