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Eternal Twins (Depressive Age)

Mother got pregnant by rape Identical twins came to being, but they were different in their minds The fatal flaw was the bad disposition Two charactes in black opposition The birth of the twins started this game And relieved mother from the shame So we grew up... Often I saw you caressing your cat I devised evil plans, you did not smell a rat I told you 'bout things you won't understand Rays of hope are fading, why can't we become friends? Feel the fascination of obscure ideas Where is room for love? I want to take and never give Eclipse and enlightenment since cosmogony But I'll laugh at your obsequies when you kiss my feet You made me cry, then you licked off my tears Nevertheless I will love you, but replaced love with Vibrations fill our discord, I'm craving for the pleasure I feel when creatures praise me in agony...and die! Always before I fall asleep I sense your presence, Mom, like a good night-kiss My clown forgot all his jokes, my snowman has melted to tears When he ripped off my dolls and stuck hails in their furry ears Permanent pain release, fantastic disharmony Injustice is put on stage, you and me in one cage Die fly! Kiss the abyss! Arise! Who's wise? You never stayed hungry when you smelt the taste of blood While I taught the wolves crying and broke black widow's heart We can live, we can die, but always together, forever apart Control saves the state, piece falls my hate No hope still for escape, we follow the cosmic trace Good and evil Who wins? The eternal twins! Ametric destiny, preposterous comedy Atomal overtones, aesthetic abscess Immortalized tears, paralyzed fears Under a spell in condemned cell Loose or bear the bell At any rate I'll see you in hell