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Psycho Circle Game (Depressive Age)

She cries til it's bright, til the sun is shining in the summertime She's dry, had no tears to cry, then daylight starts attacks Against her muddy eyes She's tired of this life, no summersun can help her 'bout the sorrow in her mind When the spoon is hot and the needle searches for a way She's turning back to live and to feel like a queen When the stuff is over and the nightlight sucks the day She's longing to drift and to push the time away When the money's over and she sells herself as shame Her unconscious state remains an psycho circle game She screams for a scene that she saw herself on the TV-Screen She was steam, ash grey steam, but now she's going black And it fades for free She must sleep, her body's weak but she is powerless Against her fast heartbeat When the spoon is hot... She screams: please help me! Her friends go down this same way They're no medicine When the spoon is hot...