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DeGeneration (Dreamshade)

The generation of degrade and ignorance: so many men destroying each other, fighting for their lands under the control of schizophrenic divinities Originally brothers and then sworn enemies They are supposed to die, only to win the war of their leaders they are supposed to die Ignorance dominated this world for all this time It's not too late so god forgive us all No future for the weak No future for the masses Man's fury will destroy all hope It's not too late so god forgive us all We aimed too high, we dared too much, our arrogance let us touch the sky, we felt invincible; we felt like gods but we were just tyrants to ourselves, so we deserve the bitter end Men burnt down their own world without a reason and now still don't understand their past mistakes Take your time, look the sky: clouds are expiring in a slowed apocalypse The world is changing: I can see a spark in humanity's heart Through massacres we spread oceans of blood Through these tears, in these years shines a new era We must eclipse this DeGeneration We must eclipse