Poke Chop Sandwich (ZZ Top)

Poke Better watch that Poke chop sandwich, waitin' in the sack Ridin' a tom tom, a double fat back Got my poke chop sandwich, layin' on my drum Poke chop's greasy, mmm, gonna get some Get some of that poke chop Poke chop sandwich A poke chop A poke chop sandwich (Yeah, yeah twenty five) A Louisiana black beat and the Texas bop Now do a Hollywood shuffle an' you just can't top it New York turn around and the London stomp African good luck combination, I know that you want Poke chop A poke chop sandwich A poke chop Double poke chop sandwich (Play on) Spider lightnin' hopkin got the big bad beat There ain't no question, mmm they gonna eat Got no spider on my bottle, there's no lightnin' on my can They'll take in a bucket, 'cause they damn well can A poke chop A poke at that chop Mmm, cut that poke chop The poke chop sandwich Feel like, I feel like a poke chop sandwich Give me that sandwich in wax paper Poke chop sandwich