Look Out for Love (Nat King Cole)

Look out where you're going There's danger ahead The signal is showing A definite red Look out what you're doing You're caught in a pot Whatever she is brewing Stay out of the pot You better get wise, here's what I advise When she sighs for a squeeze Freeze, blame it on the breeze Start to sneeze, get the measles She'll get you off balance Then suddenly shove duck When she throws her hook out Don't let your heart get took out Pick up your pack and cook out Oh look out, look out it's love Look out where you're rowing Stay close to the bank That river is flowing Right into a tank Look out where you ramble You're out on the loose You're liable to amble Ride into a noose You better look out or better turn about Like a trout At the dam, scram, take it on the lamp It's a jam, it's a stampede She'll talk to her lawyer, where by and where of She'll get the marriage book out And she'll pick the perfect look out Her welcome mask's been shook out Oh look out, look out for love