Siamese Twins (The Cure)

Emi D Ami C I chose an eternity ofthis Emi D like fallingangels Ami C theworld disappeared Emi D laughing into thefire Ami C Is italways like this? Emi D flesh and blood and thefirst kiss Ami thefirst colours C thefirst kiss We writhed under a red light Voodoo smile Siamese twins a girl at the window looks at me for an hour then everything falls apart broken inside me it falls apart G Ami Emi The walls and theceiling move intime G push ablade into my hands Ami slowly up the stairs Hmi andinto the room Is it always like this? Emi C dancing in mypocket Emi C worms eat myskin Emi she glows and grows C witharms outstretched herHmilegs around me... In the morning I cried Emi D Leave me todie Ami C you won'tremember my voice I walked away and grew old You never talk we never smile I scream you're nothing I don't need you any more you're nothing it fades and spins fades and spins... G Ami sing outloud Emi We all die!!! G Ami laughing into thefire... Hmi Is italways like this?