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A Matter of Time (The Killers)

You're looking for a way out I can feel it Come on, show me where it hurts Maybe I can heal it Your feelings are your own Now you keep 'em under lock and key You got me drivin' through the streets For an answer to the mystery The world's still weak? on Charleston Avenue Outside that vacant Starlight Motel I see you Laughing with your girlfriends Not a care in the world, not a burden on your mind It was a matter of time There's a panic in this house and it's bound to surface Just walkin' through the front door makes me nervous It's creepin' up the floorboards, got me wondering where I stand I cannot put out the fire, I got a book of matches in my hand When we first met, headstrong and filled with doubt Made just enough hustling tables that summer to take you out I was fallin' back on forever when you told me about your heart You laid it on the line Laughing with your girlfriends Not a care in the world, not a burden on your mind (You laid it on the line) It was just a matter, It was a matter of time We found ourselves We belong in it forever Ain't that what it's all about? Make the promise and keep it Come hell or high water We'd figure it out It was the night, it was the moon It was the green grass in the garden The victory and the sin I know you're weary, look at me Flailin' in the corner Here's the towel Go on, throw it in It was a matter of time Can't you see that it's tearing me up inside? Look what's laying at our feet That's the wreckage of broken dreams And burned out (?) And it's here on our street