Unknown (Lifehouse)

Dm F 1. This doubt is screaming in my face Am in this familiar place C sheltered and concealed Am And if this night won't let me rest C Don't let me second guess Dm G What I know to be real Put away all I know for tonight And maybe I just might learn to let it go Take my security from me and maybe finally I won't have to know everything Em Cmaj7 G D Em Cmaj7 G D/F# R: I am falling into grace to the unknown to where you are and Em Cmaj7 G D Em Cmaj7 Faith makes everybody scared it's the unknown the don't know G D/F# F C/E That keeps me hanging on and on to you R: 2. I got nothing left to defend No I cannot pretend that everything makes sense But does it really matter now If I do not know how to figure this thing out R: Dm C G I'm against myself again Dm C G Trying to fit these pieces in Dm C G Walking on a cloud of dust Dm C G F To get to you