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Old Boyfriends (Waits Tom)

Old Boyfriends, Lost in the pocket of your overcoat, Like burned out lite bulbs on a Ferris Wheel. Old Boy friends, You remember the kinds of cars they drove, Parking in an orange grove. He fell in love you see, With someone that I used to be. Tho I very seldom think of him, Nevertheless sometimes a mannequin's Blue satin dress can make the window Like a dream Ah but now those dreams belong to someone else, Now they talk endlessly In a drawer where I keep All my Old Boyfriends Remember when you were burning for them? Why do you keep turning them into Old Boyfriends? They look you up when they're in town To see if they can still burn you down You fell in love you see With someone that I used to be Old Boyfriends Turn up every time it rains, Fall out of the pages in a magazine Old Boyfriends. Girls fill up the bars every spring, Not places for remembering. Old boyfriends All my old boyfriends Old boyfriends