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The buckaroos (Rogers Kenny)

I´ve been riding all night just to get here Don´t you be throwing us out so soon Across the whole damn South with cotton-mouth Now we got some drinking to do We´ve been stuck on the range for 45 days And that´s a long long time We ain´t leaving this place ´til there´s a smile on our face And the whole room is a friend of mine. So won´t you line ´em all up and slide ´em all down And let´s hear the jukebox roll We´ve been living on bacon and beans Playing the jacks and the queens But we still got some money to blow And the times ain´t wild enough We dig our spurs in the make them jump We´re riding shotgun with the devil We´re the buckaroos. My name is Gideon Tanner I´ve been a man of good manners I won´t dance ´til the ladies ask me I simply tip my hat, I smile and sit back And then I wait for that friendly stampede I started dancing so tight that this girl turned white I thought she must be passing away I said: now don´t let me down, ´cos when I hit this town I´ve got to live my whole life in a day. So won´t you ...