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Country Song (Pink Floyd)

He made his way to the border In the shadow under the trees Down by a stream in a hollow Turn your head feel the breeze And the red Queen was waiting for the news For the white King to move And the balance hung upon the head of one who tried To stay within the shadows And keep his undercover secret tight They let him in by a back way Into a chamber reserved for the Queen She took the note that he gave her Opened it slowly and started to read Run to the treasury and bring me back some gold Give it to the pawn who came, she cried He says the white King thinks the game of chess is wrong And all the courtiers crowded round and this is what she told the gathered throng Go to the store by the dungeon Take all the red paint take all the white Make up a newborn colour Cover your neighbor we'll be all right There will be no game today, she cried across the board Everyday will be a holiday And all the pieces cheered as tidings spread abroad And the Pink Queen sat and smiled at the cat who smiled back