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Crumbling land (Pink Floyd)

CRUMBLING LAND PINK FLOYD (Waters, Gilmour, Mason, Wright) In a while I'll find the time to make the sunshine mine (my) In a smile I saw a single eagle in the sky Wheeling, soaring, gliding by On a hill there lived a man with many shining things Shiny pool, shiny car and shiny diamond rings Wining, dining, shining king And the eagle flies in clear blue skies Breathing in the clear blue air Back here on the ground another dealer coughs and dies And fifty more come rolling off The Ford production line Then a man appearing like a mirage on the sand In his hand a moving picture of the crumbling land Screaming, dealing, movie man Here we go, hold your nose and see if something blows Close your eyes, count to ten and see the sunrise rise Climbing high into the sky By the ornamental lake a diamond lies Upon the finger of the king On high, the eagle spies the glitter of a gun Then wheeling in a climbing turn he flies into the sun