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California Man (Electric Light Orchestra)

Goin' to a party, meet me out after school. Well we go to a place where the jive is really cool. And if the band stops a playin' There's a jukebox in the hall. Well put your blue dress on, And your folks all gone. You'll sure give the guys a ball. CHORUS: Get that real guitar boy shakin', I'm a California man, Dance right on till the floors are breakin' I'm a California man. Well I cross my mamma so bad And this a woman's just a making me mad. So I don't care if your legs start aching, I'm a California man. Oh my, I'm a California man. Oh my legs start to shiver When I hear you call my name. Well, my knees keep a knocking, And I'm feeling tired bugs me down. An' when we take off fine, An' my jeans are way down low. When I waggle my hips it's making me feel like a king of rock n' roll CHORUS