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Latitude 88 North (Electric Light Orchestra)

intro: C f G * 2 C E The iceman came to me tonight, F f So very near but out of sight. C H e I heard the footsteps in the hall g A d And I heard a cold voice call, f +G It?s such a lonely world. C E Then I knew that you were gone, F f It came to me, I was alone. C H e Now I?m left out in the cold g A d But the story?s far from told, f G C +f G It?s such a lonely world. Chorus C a It?s like Latitude 88 North, F G It?s so cold, cold as hell. C a 35 below and falling, F G How I wish that she was calling me. Frozen shadows in the doorways, They will linger there always And as the dawn begins to break, She?s gone it?s hard to take, It?s such a lonely world. guitar solo: C H e g A d f G Chorus: Repeat