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Remember A Day (Pink Floyd)

1. Remember a day before today, E D6 A E a day when you were young. D6 A Free to play along with time Em F#m/E G/E A/E Em F#m/E evening never comes. G/E A/E E F#o/E E F#o/E E 2. Sing a song that can't be sung without the morning's kiss. Queen you shall be if you wish. Look for your king. G/E A/E A G D Em R: Why can't we play today? A G D Em F#m/E G/E A/E E Why can't we stay that way? 3. Climb your favourite apple tree try to catch the sun. Hide from your little brother's gun. Dream yourself away. F#m/E G/E A/E R: Why can't we reach the sun? Why can't we blow the years away? Blow away.