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The Fletcher Memorial Home (Pink Floyd)

G C G Ami7 1. Take all your overgrown infants away somewhere D/fis B+ And build them a home Hmi A little place of their own Emi7 C D/fis Emi7 The Fletcher memorial home for incurable tyrants D/fis G C And kings G C G Ami7 2. And they can appear to themselves every day D/fis B+ On closed circuit TV Hmi Hmi/e Hmi To make sure they're still real C D Emi It's the only connection they feel 3. Ladies and gentlemen, please, welcome C/g D/fis Reagan and Haig, mr Begin and friend, mrs Thatcher and Paisley, C/g mr Brezhnev and party, the ghost of McCarthy, the memories of Nixon D *: And now adding colour... G D/fis C 4. A group of anonymous latin-american meat packing glitterati Emi D/fis Did they expect us to treat them with any respect G D/fis C They can polish their medals and sharpen their smiles G D/fis C And amuse themselves playing games for a while G D/fis C Emi Boom, boom! Bang, bang! Lie down you're dead G D/fis Emi G D/fis Emi C D/fis G D/fis C G D/fis C G D/fis C Emi G C G Ami7 5. Safe in the permanent gaze of a cold glass eye D/fis B+ With their favourite toys Hmi They'll be good girls and boys Emi7 C D/fis Emi7 In the Fletcher memorial home for colonial wasters of life D/fis G And limb D/fis C *: Is everyone in G D/fis C Are you having a nice time, goodbye G D/fis C Emi Now the final solution can be applied