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The Nile Song (Pink Floyd)

A G A G A G F# B A 1. I was standing by the Nile B A Whe I saw the lady smile. B A As I would take her out for a while, for a while. C B 2. Light tears wept like a child. C# B How her golden hair was blowing wild. C# B B Then she spread her wings to fly, for to fly. Es C# 3. Soaring high above the breezes, Es C# Going always where she pleases. Es C# C She will make it to the island in the sun. F Es 4. I will follow in her shadow F Es As I watch her from my window. F Es D One day I will catch her eye. G F G F G F E A G A G A G F# B A 5. She is calling from the deep, B A Summoning my soul to endless sleep. B A As She is bound to drag me down, drag me down. C# B C# B C# B B Es C# Es C# Es