So deep in (Support Lesbiens)

Emi A Influences all too long in the way, Consequence is hard, it won't fade away. Contravention of your rule, kiss an pay, G A calling for attention, but killing your potential. Man comes in he holds a flower and the wine, she has never thought she'd be a concubine. When she started she just did it time to time, now she takes anybody, who's perfume is the money. Emi G A C R: /: Jenny's got a low feeling, cause she's got it so deep in. :/ She's all about the money. She is gonna purr and do ya honey. Jenny's got the low feeling, cause she has automatised. (2x) Not the only broken girl under sun, Moon will rise and water always will run. Have some friends with them will always be fun, Does Jenny know about this, I bet that's what she's dismised. R: