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King (Byron David)

You couldn't call him lazy He used every trick in the book Though people thought, he was crazy He gave a lot more than he took His brain was full of good intention It's a shame didn't get in the breaks But I thought he was worth, just a little mention At least he didn't burn the cakes He was the king and he wore my ring He was the king, right ding-a-ling He was the king It din't mean a thing But who was the king I think you know what I mean He played around with the weather And turned the sunshine into rain He used his best endeavours But the queen said: Never again! But me, I'm a kinda hard of hearin' He didn't understand her right With the best of intentions He turned the day to a permanent night He tried to right the justice But took in line in a harded lead But just the worth The king comes on and says a question And told him to get off one knee And in the middle of celebration He tried to get the sunshine appear All across the nation His subjects were askin' him when