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Dreamworks (Oblomov)

Sun is going down The earth is getting cold My tired eyes are shutting slowly Consciousnes's gone The space for unknown is opening wide Now I'm alone Come with me into my world Recess of oblivion I'll be your guide Delightful, disgusting whatever you want Spring of inspiration you could find Why I have to be in this hall filled with smoke Don't give up the ghost Your senses apathetic Then I see the children giving food to living ones They are dying under the wooden footbridge In this large hangar I can't hear the music play It's forbidden here to disturb the silence I'm looking for a bookstore under the ice of a lake I will choose the story with the bogeyman in title When the idiot's gone a man is born Strange planet sucks out the water from earth My skin eruption seems like white milk I am alone Come into my world in this strange city Where murders are on waiting list I meet you again my freind Together we will run away Away and then back Are we really happy? Or is it all a dream? Using of mathematics in relation to policy Historic organization Construct of my destiny