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Redefination Of The Past (Oblomov)

All that I know seems to me is over now What past has brought it will be redefined When the quantity of exceptions is raising When we can't safe answer all our questions Where the period is ending and the normal science Attacked with new theories is uder control of the revolutions It's necessity to move the borders we know to another direction Move the borders of our comprehentence What used to hold is alternated Guessed reality controverted when we change the kind of our questions We let arise new situation Conceptual chaos as foreshadowing of abnormal condition Lead the man to new understanding Suddenly we know a new part of reality Until the time of next revolution What alternated believe in description of reality is full of revision and changes of statements When we accept new comprehentence We have to redefine our sources of information Teach me to know Show me examples In altered form I'll refer to next generation I reconstruct the past It's misty and grey I form it as real as the god who I can pray to...