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Lost (The String Cheese Incident)

She was a smart girl But she didn't think The well was full Still there's nothing to drink Got some money Still don't make no sense How a girl like this can live Her life without no common sense She's lost, la, la, la, lost Got a friend That works too much Trying hard to find the end to the means Came from nothing Has got nothing to lose Except he's losing sight of what is true in all this busy life For Lost, la, la, la, lost Lost, la, la, la, lost Maybe it's me but I can't see Why sometimes we choose to be blind Looking away going day by day And stumblin' around in the dark Spend our lives Wasting time Keepin' busy towards that life So afraid Slowing down Stop and take a look around and see what can be found Lost, la, la, la, lost Lost, la, la, la, la, lost