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How Much Longer (Rootz Underground)

How much longer will we waste away by the side of the road How much longer will they enslave my mind, even my body and soul Feel much stronger over my enemies they don’t got know love at all Some youth say dem a soldier, I ask them what them really fighting for How much longer we asked you You gonna play in those games of disaster When I know that Ras Tafari light our way I know the only way for I now is the Emperor So I play, dem a wonder how I groove so And I pray and day and night it goes through On my way, Ihear Jah voice is calling you too Its calling you, I said it’s calling you til a warrior cry! How much longer will we be weak just because they say we shall How much longer they lock the prophets away now in the mental hospital Feel much stronger, over my enemies they aint got no love at all Dem aiming privily at me but I know them bound to fall, bound to fall Mix How much longer them end up in disaster I can see that them days move faster Even now that them back against the wall Just because robber Babylon a fall In them pot is witches brew They don’t care about me nor you Innoculation on our brain Check a stock that’s all they do How much longer them fly gone space Building colonies on the moon Children here are starving on earth INI just want some food How much longer them beating I How much longer them killing I How much longer deceiving I Until a warrior cry Right now we’re drinking from Jah spiritual cup Meanwhile Babylon break it down, we a gu build it up We drinking from Jah musical bowl Meanwhile Babylon break it down, we a gu a build it up your soul