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The Way I Do (Starkid)

TOOTSIE- When they say you can’t love, I think you’ve got it wrong When They say you can’t feel, with a heart made of steel But you can’t say that steel ain’t strong Well if that’s who you are, just a meaningless star in the sky Tell me what is the meaning of what I am feeling if you are the reason why? Now I may be dumb But where I come from Folks say they’re fine when I know that they’re blue But you don’t know you The way I do MEGAGIRL- Your race is frail and weak, and I want to destroy you all You’re a sorry disgrace, to the concept of race And to logical science and law But for some reason why, when you look at me I don’t wanna be Programmed this way, believe when I say You’re the one anomaly You might not be smart But there is a part of me That’s starting to make a break through No, you don’t know you The way I do TOOTSIE (PARANTHESIS MEGAGIRL) I never expected (My wires are protected, from abnormal things like you) To find, someone like you (When you know everything, it is suddenly strange when you don’t have a clue!) I don’t know anything, but you’re giving me a clue TOOTSIE AND MEGAGIRL- I can see past, the, surface Finding the worth that is hiding beneath You’re life, and, purpose And all of a sudden I feel like I’ve run intosomething that no one has seen! FEBUARY(PARANTHESIS BUG)- You’re perfect and wonderful How I hoped you’d be (February, I…) But it’s really enough For you to be just a human being (There’s something I need to tell you…) And I’ll know you’ll agree That’s all we need to make our dreams come true (Your dream come true, but I need to share something with you…) If this life has ending, I’m glad that I’m spending, this short little time with you FEBUARY AND BUG- I’m so much more, than what you've thought before, Now that we have got you too FEBUARY- Get to know you MEGAGIRL- You don’t know you BUG- But you don’t know me TOOTSIE, MEGAGIRL, FEBUARY, AND BUG- The way I do…