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Annachie Gordon (The Unthanks)

Harking is bonny and there lives my love My heart lies on him and cannot remove It cannot remove for all that I have done And I never will forget my love Annachie For Annachie Gordon he's bonny and he's bright He'd entice any woman that e'er he saw He'd entice any woman and so he has done me And I never will forget my love Annachie. Down came her father and he's standing at the door Saying Jeannie you are trying the tricks of a whore You care nothing for a man who cares so much for thee You must marry Lord Sultan and leave Annachie For Annachie Gordon is barely but a man Although he may be pretty but where are his lands The Sultan's lands are broad and his towers they run high You must marry Lord Sultan and leave Annachie. With Annachie Gordon I beg for my bread And before I marry Sultan his gold to my head With gold to my head and straight down to my knees And I'll die if I don't get my love Annachie And you who are my parents to church you may me bring But unto Lord Sultan I'll never bear a son To a son or a daughter I'll never bow my knee And I'll die if I don't get my love Annachie. Jeannie was married and from church was brought home When she and her maidens so merry should have been When she and her maidens so merry should have been She goes into her chamber and cries all alone. Come to my bed my Jeannie my honey and my sweet To stile you my mistress it would be so sweet Be it mistress or Jeanne it's all the same to me But in your bed Lord Sultan I never will lie And down came her father and he's spoken with reknownSaying you who are her maidens Go loosen up her gowns And she fell down to the floor And straight down to his knee saying Father look I'm dying for my love Annachie. The day that Jeanne married was the day that Jeannie died And the day that young Annachie came home on the tide And down came her maidens all wringing of their hands Saying oh it's been so long, you've been so long on the sands So long on the sands, so long on the flood They have married your Jeannie and now she lies dead. You who are her maidens come take me by the hand And lead me to the chamber where my love she lies in And he kissed her cold lips till his heart it turned to stone And he died in the chamber where his love she lies in.