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Betsy Bell (The Unthanks)

O my name is Betsy Bell, in the Gallowgate I dwell. Nae doot you'll wonder whit I'm daein' here. Well, I'm lookin' for a man, be he auld or be he young, And onything in breeks will dae wi' me. Well, 'twas on last Friday nicht I met auld Sandy Wricht, And he asked me for tae be his lovin' bride. But I couldnae let him see I was desperate as could be, So I tellt him for tae come awa' inside. Well, he jumpit at the chance, aye, it fairly made me dance, And I gied tae him my answer there and then, But when I'd bought my wedding frock, he said, "Lord, it's a' a joke!" O, I wonder fit's a dae wi' a' the men. So if there's onybody here wha wad like a nice wee dear, Although I'm only three score and ten, Be he young or be he auld, curly-heided, fringed, or bald, O, I wonder fit's a dae wi' a' the men. For of lads I've had my share; I've had a score or mair, But why they threw me up I dinna ken. For I'm neither prood nor shy, that the lads should pass me by. O, I wonder fit's a dae wi' a' the men.