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The Gallowgate Lad (The Unthanks)

One night near the grand Central Station Among crowds that were hurrying by I happened to see Meggy Bensin And sairly the lassie did cry Says I, canny lass what's the matter? Says she, quite dejected, I's sad I'm grieving for Jack, that's my lover My bonny bit Gallowgate lad You'll know him, Joe isn't he handsome? As clever a lad as you'll see He was striker at Stivvisin's Factory But lately he's been on the spree He got baged for getting on the fuddle Oh I think he mun fairly gone mad When he went and he's joined the Militia My bonny bit Gallowgate lad All the neighbours declared he was lazy But spite'll make bissy folks speek Though I know, though I oughtn't to mention He never worked more than a week But with folks gone keep quiet their faillings I grieve for my love that's a swad Oh, his best o' claes are his soldier's My brave-looking Gallowgate lad Man I've mended the holes in his elbows And made his old trousers like new Well I thought he might spoke about marriage When his grandfather bought him a coo But he selled it and spent all his money And folks said that his love was but cawd Oh I wish that I couldn't believe them My curly haired Gallowgate lad I was fairly heart-broke since he left us I cannot live well be myself And my tongue gans as though it would keep telling A long way more than I should tell When the heart's full it's great consolation To whisper what makes you so bad Oh what made you join the Militia? My good-looking Gallowgate lad