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Fall (Lesz Natalia)

It's cold today and I am stuck inside Watching naked trees reach to the sky For the light they hope is there Its about to shine and catch them unaware But just like me they fear the wind Afraid of the change thats happening Something is gone something's so new I can't help myself when I think of you I fall... I've got wings to fly I close my eyes and Fall Been so long since I have touch the sky at all You make me remember what it's like So one more time, I fall... I am like glass easy to break So be careful now of what you say Don't say things you dont really mean Cuz I am still affraid of shattering Dont move to fast I am in your hands If I am gonna take the chance again Be gentle with me or set me down Cuz I know that I am about to Fall... The snow is only frozen rain What goes away comes back again I see the world the world now through your eyes And all of the colors seem so bright I won't look back I won't look down But if I fall... Will you be the ground?