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Save You (Scenes From A Movie)

Listen up and listen close Okay, so maybe I wasn't clear enough With the words that I chose Now I'm asking you, I'm begging you Just so everyone knows Or daring you to say something original Give it up and oh, I know words are failing you But sweetie, sometimes that's just how it goes Matching words and matching phrases count the days Because the battle might be done But the war is well on its way The war is well on its way Oh, I know you feel it too Now I'm watching you dig your hole And it looks more like a grave It's just a theory or so I'm told There will be nobody left here to save you Well, ask me how I'm so matter of fact Well, the matter of the fact is just a matter of tact There will be nobody left here to save you Taste the poison on your lips All right, now fill it up and drink it down You know it's sealed with a kiss Oh, I know just what you're thinking And you know it wasn't me Oh, I know just what I'm thinking and maybe you'll finally see It's the poison we forget It's behind you to remind you how little you will be missed Saving faith in situations very similar to this Now find out how quickly your words will be dismissed Oh, you are dismissed Oh, I know you feel it too Hey, you'd never know it But the end will leave you breathless and broken Don't you change No, don't you make it seem like you could care Now I don't believe a word you say