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Juble Lee's Revival (Newbury Mickey)

When the orphans no longer will sleep at her door When her sad minuet songs are not sad anymore When fortune is fleeting and fame is a bore Tell me where will she go When the musics all over and the dancing has stopped When she sits in her bedroom and stares at the clock Silently watching her dreams slowly rotting Away in the depths of her soul Yes it's Houston to Mobile Atlanta Be damned if I know how much more she can stand But I say pick up your Holy Bible Pack all your clothes And let me count the new scars in your hand 707 it's Baltimore bound to be One of those nights I can tell She cries as she sits back And she straps herself Into her private aluminum cell While Jesus sat quietly His head in His Hand Man in the very back row Turn to him pleading Can you understand How to put more on her back Than her clothes And in a flash of white satin She was out the back door In a limousine she was racing away While hundreds came forward to kneel on the floor Lord tonight only one soul was saved Just some renegade drifter she had met in the Park With answers to hell only knows Someone to lie between her in the darkness And fill in the time between shows For the orphans no longer will sleep at her door And her sad minuettes are not sad anymore Fortune is fleeting and fame is a bore So tell me now where will she go