Drink It Up (Negativland)

When Hi-C gets me low My lubbot's blue ain't blue it's brown my nestle's quick just makes me slow when my sparkling cider's lost its shine my can of sharp's is dull hawaiian punch has knocked me cold a feeling hits my skull. and my mind just turns to pepsi and i couldn't tell you why smart drinks lead me to forget and coke won't get me high when constant comment won't shut up i'll sit right down and fill my cup with pepsi drink it up When diet rite to me is wrong my country time's expired my minute maid's an hour long my maxwell house won't get me wired when my pet milk turns on me and my five alive is dead when my royal crown's been overthrown an impulse hits my head and my mind just turns to pepsi and i think of it a lot my swiss miss just wasn't pure and kool-aid isn't hot when a lot of smoothies rough me up i'll turn to a bigger cup of pepsi drink it up... when samuel adams makes me ail dr. pepper's not around when sweet success has let me fail i crave a flavor most profound and my mind just turns to pepsi when i look i see i buy my crystal light has just burned out and canada's gone dry my yoohoo will not call to me i am a loyal endorsee of pepsi drink it up -----> words "drink it up" sung in background while boy speaks: it's just a funny thing.. it's just a funny thing.. that pepsi commercial where there's the sun setting on this farm and you hear this noise "reeh reeh" "reeh reeh" and you don't know what it is and then you see in the back of the barn and there's a soda machine and this guy has a dollar bill and it goes "reeh reeh" "reeh reeh" and then it takes it (voice over from ad "yes!") and he goes "yes!" "yes!" -----> back to singer: everybody drink it up