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Boston Station (Room 2012)

Oh oh oh oh oh oh - ah ah (3x) I've been swimming in the sea I've been thinking 'bout the time A time we were togeth' You were always on my mind You and me (you and me) (Oh we) just you and me Something came around and you hating out of time I never realize you are living on the round (Are so so deep in my head) I'm sitting here in my room I'm standing at the half broken room (Oh tell me) Can you see it too Where d´you go Where d´you go I wanna get back to where we started out of the world of the broken harded If you come back I will be waiting I wanna get right back to Boston Station Back to the place where you left me waiting I wanna know - boy I need to know - boy Where did you go - boy Where did you go Ive been coming down the day Just waiting for your come Been driving through the night been climbing up the walls Hey Mr. Post Man Hey Mr. Post Man Is there you letter in your box from my baby? It doesn't really matter What it is what you saw Just come and get me back And we can take it on the run You and me (you and me) (Oh we) for you and me Oh oh oho oho oh oh Boston Station Oh oh oh where we started - ah ah