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From the ashes (Savage Circus)

Deadly eye Unholy firelight Grimly staring down Gleaming in the night Hellforged Hammer of Doom Star of Death Eating worlds in scorching breath Riding on a tail of fire Augured by the ancient ones Glowing on the firmament Harbinger of Armageddon Armageddon Armageddon Armageddon when the Hammer of Doom Armageddon was falling down In the ashes of yesterday yesterday I will arise Ashes of yesterday yesterday From the aftermath of demise And by the morning A new age is dawning Once again may the circle begin In the ashes of yesterday All lost Nothing remained When the burning giant Hit the ground Darkness fell Coldness and ice When the star came stumbling down From the skies Silently in deep despair I'm mourning for the world Like a candle in the wind The flame of life will shine on and on In the ashes of yesterday yesterday