The ordeal (Savage Circus)

In the distance majestic mountains Are gleaming in white The sun is rising And painting the peaks In peaceful morning light Touched by the beauty The horrors I saw Seem to be so unreal But down below In the halls and caverns Evil has broken the seal Ohh, it's for real Below the rock In the deepest night Dreadful hordes Are gathering to strike I must restore the seal I have to return To do what must be done How can I be the chosen one My ordeal has already begun Lost in the dark Deep down below In the dungeons of Neverland No turning back Seems as if this odyssey Will never end While I'm stumbling Into the abyss I keep asking me why The hands of fate Have made me the one Uhh, I'm ready to die Though I could break down and cry How can it be me To defeat the Evil How can I be the hero How can I win Crawling shadows And nameless creatures Inhabitants of the night Demons rising from down below Left with no choice No way out than to fight Lost in the dark All alone in this labyrinth Of nightmare and pain Away from all in another world Another life in another time Oh, how I wish To turn away To give in my fears and Just walk away I am damned to walk The night all-alone I crawling straight to the center Of Hell