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When Hell Awakes (Savage Circus)

Out in the woods, unspoken horror of Ancient malignance awakes Leaving its hideout to please the hunger Following the winds of the north Cursed is the woodlands and cursed is thy land The edge of the forest is marking The line to the ground of red So violent and vicious, so cruel and malign Once there was peace and silence around A valley of green under skies so blue All is lost, children are raised With tales of fear and tales about you I need a miracle Crimson eyes are burning In the darkness of the woods I must bring deliverance Oh if I only could When hell awakes In the gardens inside of my heart Unholy embrace It’s killing the innocence Demons are rising, they’re haunting my soul The devil is laughing, he’s seeking control There’s a poisoned thorn In the gardens inside my heart When hell awakes This was the land of the golden seas Freedom and light surrounding me Now I’m aware that nothing is forever A darkening mist infected our soil Ages has past since I drew my first breath The future was turning in the absence of death Evil is rising, I saw its rebirth Paradise, now it’s hell on earth What is the key to relock this door? What is the cause, there must be more Stories told in the ancient fore Oh, it has happened before I have been standing the test of time Here I am now, this life is mine Throughout the woods into the darkest night I’m on the way to end this mortal fight I have the clue, the certain sign The moon is full and the stars align Bearer of sorrow, sealer of fate I’m taking it back, it’s never too late